Billion's BiPAC 5210S RC

Billion's BiPAC 5210S RC is an easy-to-use yet economical pack of ADSL2+ Modem/Router with one Ethernet port and one USB port. It complies with the latest ADSL industry standards, ADSL2 and ADSL2+, for high-speed Internet access. The BiPAC 5210S RC can connect directly to two computers, or more by using a switching hub, through USB and Ethernet ports, users can easily benefit from express speed and better data transmission via firmware upgrades to ADSL2 / ADSL2+*. Powerful SOHO Firewall features are integrated to protect users from hacker attacks and ensures high-level security with VPN pass-through. In addition, Universal Plug-and-Play compliance and the Web-based user interface make network management easy. The BiPAC 5210S RC is truly a value-for-money model designed for home and SOHO Users. 

Key Features

  • High-speed Internet access with ADSL2/2+; backward compatible with ADSL
  • Integrated USB and 10/100Mbps LAN interfaces
  • Easy network management
  • SOHO Firewall security with DoS prevention and Packet Filtering
  • Universal Plug-and-Play (UPnP) Compliance
  • Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS)
  • Supports Virtual Private Network (VPN) pass-through